Venus Eclipse

We have had a glorious spring here in Colorado, with early blossoms on all the flowering trees and bushes, and now we seem to be one month “ahead” of ourselves as summer is upon us. It seems that this  weather pattern is part of the new flow of flux and change  this year. As our Earth is moving into new frequencies of energy, this quickening effects everything, from the seeds who are happy to pop out of the ground earlier than usual, to our own bodies adjusting to an increase in awareness, wakefulness and consciousness. 


You may be noticing these changes within yourself too. What are  you seeding that is taking off quickly in your life? Has there been seemingly sudden change to old patterns, and now you are moving forward? Or perhaps you are noticing that  you have felt “stuck” and are ready to open to fresh new ideas and energy to create more ease and flow in your life.


As the Venus Eclipse has just blessed us with her bounty of love and compassion as she eclipsed the sun, the vibration of more love and compassion, beauty and  grace was amplified by the radiant light of the Sun.


This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to be focusing with tender care on all that we wish to manifest in this magnificent time, more peace, love, compassion for one another and our Earth. With the blessings we have received from Venus “kissing” the Sun, we can enjoy an increase in our capabilities to create our own well- spring of love to share with all.




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